BF-B500 Automatic Packaging Machine

Product Features:

  • Quantitative fill
  • Automatic weighing
  • Automatic discharge
  • Automatic packing
  • Wide applicability
  • Stainless steel appearance
  • High quality
  • Easy operation


Applicable materials

Suitable for a variety of powder and granule, particle
Grain, tea, Coarse powder,  Fine powder
Dried fruit, Nuts Dry, Hardware, Electronic
Pet food, Jewelry, Medicinal, Fertilizer

packaging mahine materials

Applicable films

Suitable for a variety of roll film
Composite membrane, Alumium foil roll, Non-woven fabric
Printing roll film, Alumium coated foil, Filter paper

Machine Detail

Control Panel

Intelligent control by micro-computer, easy to operate intelligent, make packaging more convenient, fast, accurate.

BF-B500 Packing Machine (13)
machine detail 330x280 2

Safety Cover

Easy to disassemble, safe and convenient, easy to use and practical packing works well to protect against accidental scald or pressure.

Sealing block

Bilateral push sealing, so that the machine runs more stable, sealing efficiency is higher.

BF-B999 Automatic Power&Granule Packaging Machine (999g)

Stainless steel

Istainless steel body design, beautiful, durable, easy to clean, no paint peeling.

packaging machine F500

packaging machine packaging machine

packing machine accessories

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